The Tenugui Towel in Wim Wenders Movie Perfect Days

The Tenugui Towel in Wim Wenders Movie Perfect Days

Perfect Days Movie Poster with Tenugui Towel around neck of main character

In Wim Wenders' newest movie "Perfect Days," the unassuming tenugui towel becomes a silent hero, embodying the essence of everyday life in Japan. The main character ingeniously uses it as a scarf, not just to keep his neck dry but also to maintain the pristine cleanliness of his work uniform while working as a toilet cleaner.

KENKAWAI Tenugui towels in blue colors

This simple yet ingenious use of the tenugui in the movie mirrors its everyday significance in Japanese culture. Beyond its functional role, the tenugui is a symbol of meticulous cleanliness and japanese identity. In the film, it becomes a signature accessory for the main character, emphasizing his commitment to hygiene as he tackles the demanding job of keeping public restrooms spotless.

The tenugui's journey doesn't stop there. Wenders captures its versatility as it seamlessly transitions into the tranquil setting of a public bathhouse. Here, the towel becomes a ritualistic emblem, accentuating the cultural importance of personal hygiene and wellbeing in Japanese society.

How to use a japanese tenugui towel

Wenders' choice to spotlight the tenugui in "Perfect Days" is a masterful nod to the nuanced aspects of everyday life. The towel becomes a narrative device, telling a story of resilience and pride in one's work. In the hands of the main character, the tenugui transforms from a simple piece of cloth into a powerful symbol, illustrating the character's commitment to cleanliness amidst the challenges of his occupation and highlights his almost meditative daily routine.

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