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Nuno Fujisan - Lightweight Cotton Towel Tenugui

Nuno Fujisan - Lightweight Cotton Towel Tenugui

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This Nuno Fujisan towel is a classic Japanese tenugui cotton towel, the perfect accessory for any outdoor activity, as a kitchen towel or even as a headband!

Crafted from 100% lightweight and fast drying cotton, it measures 33x100 cm and features "Fujisan". It refers to Mount Fuji, the highest and most iconic mountain in Japan. It is an active stratovolcano located on Honshu Island, near Tokyo and Yokohama. Pre-washed in Japanese spring water, it makes the perfect gift for all Japan lovers out there!

Care Instructions

Machine wash up to 40°C using a gentle detergent and a low spin speed of up to 1200. Consider using a mesh laundry bag to prevent pulling. Wash with similar colors. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners. After washing, it is best to hang or tumble dry your towel on a low setting.
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  • Lightweight & Fast Drying
  • Bath & Shower
  • Travel
  • Sports & Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Kitchen
  • Traditional

    Material: A Japanese tenugui towel is a versatile and traditional textile typically made from lightweight cotton in long narrow size (33 x 100cm). Tenugui towels are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, thus reflecting Japan's rich textile heritage.

  • Versatile

    Multipurpose: Tenugui towels are known for their absorbency and quick-drying properties, making them useful for various purposes: The long and narrow tenugui can be used as a handkerchief, scarf, kitchen or yoga towel and travel compagnon.

  • Handy

    Format: Tenugui towels are characterized by their elongated, narrow design, which makes them easy to fold, tie, or drape in various ways.

    Edges: The edges of tenugui towels are usually left unfinished or have a simple stitch, which adds to their rustic and traditional aesthetic.

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  • Use to dry your face and hands
    Ensure gentle, effective drying of your face and hands with our soft tenugui made from quality prewashed cotton. Suitable even for the most sensitive skin types.
  • Dries at an exceptional speed
    The tenugui has an exceptional drying time, with just one hour needed when outdoors. For indoor drying, it typically takes around two and a half hours - making it ideal for travel and camping.
  • Utilize for washing purposes
    The tenugui can be used for washing in the bath or shower. It has the ability to create a rich, creamy foam and scrub the body when twisted. Additionally, its length is sufficient to easily reach your back.
  • Easy portability
    Our tenugui is designed to be folded compactly, offering convenience and portability. It effortlessly fits into any bag, ensuring you have it with you during your day for a variety of situations.
  • Small assistant for sweaty times
    During exercise or on a hot day, wrap our tenugui around your neck for optimal comfort. It is designed to absorb moisture efficiently, ensuring you stay dry even during intense workouts.
  • Japanese style head wrapping
    Using the Japanese technique of wrapping a tenugui around the head can provide a stylish and practical solution for absorbing moisture and enhancing attractiveness. The generous length ensures a perfect fit.